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This will help you to check your mental status whether you need therapy session or not. plan 1 plan 2 plan 3 NRI Foreigner
10 Minutes
Rs 100
45 Minutes
Rs 600
50 Minutes
Rs 1000
50 Minutes
Rs 1300-1500
50 Minutes
Rs 2000 - 4000
50 Minutes
Rs 5000 - 7000

Frequently Asked Questions

You can tell us about your condition and we can help you by suggesting the no. of sessions required for you.

You can tell us about the problem you are facing & we will help you resolve it.

That depends upon the plan you choose. If you have any queries, feel free to ask us anytime.

Tell us about your availability, and we can plan the video sessions accordingly.

We can get to know one another in person at the first session. At this point, your therapist will give you a thorough assessment that takes into account your personal history, current issues, and any potential therapeutic goals you may have.

Weekly therapy sessions have the greatest therapeutic impact. Numerous research and my professional experience as a therapist both support this. Without a doubt, we've discovered that individuals who commit to weekly appointments throughout therapy experience the most significant improvements. Depending on your needs, it may occasionally be suitable to meet more or less frequently.