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Dhannya Itty Mathew

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Earned her master’s in the two subjects she is passionate about, namely Psychology in 2008 and Medical and Psychiatric Social Work in 2004. Her experience of 10 plus years ranges from children with autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy and other neurodevelopmental disorders including the mental health of their parents. Geriatric population, anxiety, depression, maternal care, postpartum depression, cancer patients, corporate job stress and adjustment, healthy parenting are her forte. She has worked in various industrial verticals like financial services, manufacturing, health care, educational institutions and IT. She believes in the meticulous evaluation of a case for optimal outcomes. She is certified in Mindfulness-based cognitive behavior therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy and counselling skills. She has been invited as a speaker for stress management, positive attitude, communication skills, anger management, change management and goal setting for life. She believes that active listening and organizing thoughts in the right direction can solve problems coming in the way of achieving full potential. She believes in helping people to re-organize and optimize thoughts by providing a non-judgmental and accepting environment for the life of contentment. She is Mother of a beautiful 10 year old daughter in the autism spectrum and a prodigy who continues to surprise us with her out of the world poems and paintings. Apart from that she is also owner of Neurology Pro and Neurology Dx ( app for medical professionals).




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