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About us

About us

Insightya is a team of psychologists headed by Dr. Reena Jain, internationally recognized and licenced psychologists with over two decades’ experience in the field of mental health.

We all confront difficulties with our mental health, but there is hope. When we are anxious or sad, our thoughts, feelings, and actions alter. It’s difficult to deal with difficult situations, but you’re not alone. Take a little step forward by contacting Insightya and together we will combat your issues. We at Insightya provide a wide range of services to our clients, including psychometric testing, detailed diagnosis, psychoeducation for the client, caregiver, and community, and custom courses. All under one roof we provide psychotherapy, counselling, as well as psychosocial rehabilitation and follow-up services.

Our Vision

To provide mental health services at the easiest and most approachable way. We wish Insightya support each and every indivdual in their emotional sufferings to get resilience and growth in life. Providing clients with the highest quality and most economical counselling and therapy services available anywhere in the world.

Our Mission

Connecting people seeking emotional and mental wellness support with the best trained and certified psychologists. We aim to put you in touch with qualified and licenced individuals that can assist you in learning skills and strategies that can help you live a happier, more rewarding, and meaningful life.